To provide the greater Phoenix area Funding for the Emergency Service Program (ESP)

For emergency help call

(602) 350-5859 or more information

(602) 943-1707

To provide the best life-saving Veterinary Medical Assistance (VMA)

for inside the home and well loved companion animals who are spayed or neutered, fully immunized and whose owners are on a very limited income. This will be an alternative to needless suffering for, both, the animal and the stressed owner, most often a disabled and/or senior citizen.

To create a green and self sustaining sanctuary that seeks to educate the public

thus bringing an end to dogs having to live on chains, plus licensing and protecting cats, and providing funds for a mandatory spay and neuter program to prevent irresponsible breeding and unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.

To provide Hope Emergency Rescue, a registered 501(c)(3) animal charity

with the necessary funds to continue its efforts, as the organization is funded entirely by private contributions, and receives no government funding.
Dee Kotinas
Dee KotinasPresident/Founder

We Welcome you to our website! By joining us you will be a part of our goals and dreams of helping thousands animals whose suffering is relieved through our fabulous programs.

After being an implementer of major animal legislation and the founder of a non-kill dog an cat sanctuary in northeast Phoenix, I am excited to be part a new and exciting and true no-kill organization, whose big goals are to run an innovative and one of a kind sanctuary, thus setting the standards for many more animal lovers to follow.

Seventy thousand (70,000) animals tragically die each year in our Phoenix area communities due to over breeding, neglect, cruelty, reckless behavior, and abandonment. HEAR will address these issues head on through our unique programs aimed at educating adults and specifically targeting children who bring the promise of a kinder, more respectful tomorrow for the animals and for our planet as a whole. The need is great, and we are answering the call to action.

Animals Rescued since April 2010

Dee Kotinas’ Achievements

  • Passed Legislation for mandatory Spay and Neuter for all cities and counties throughout Arizona.  This legislation applies to any government or private rescue organization.
  • Passed legislation in Maricopa County eliminating gas chambers and other inhumane euthanasia methods for unwanted pets to a kinder intravenous injection.
  • Passed legislation requiring one horse per lot, thereby eliminating inhumane cramming of horses in small spaces.
  • Set up Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s MASH Unit…Dog and Cat Cruelty Rescue jail housing program.
  • Introduced and implemented the first Delta Society Pet Assisted Therapy program.  As a result Dee was responsible for training hundreds of teams now active throughout Arizona and the Southwest.  A number of Pet Therapy groups evolved as a result, including Gabriel’s Angels, whose teams now specialize in working with children at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
  • Received the Golden Bell Award for teaching excellence, using student rescued animals, from the Arizona State Board of Education.  Dee’s published pet education program was featured throughout Arizona, California, and New York schools.
  • As Founder of the Animals Benefit Club in 1980, purchased, designed, built, and directed a no kill sanctuary for dogs and cats. Its design, care, and educational programs became a model for shelters throughout the southwestern United States.